About APEX

Non institutional financial management is the biggest trend in the world today. The average person, especially the millennials and younger, have realized the tremendous power and promise held by the blockchain technology in leveling the playing field. Thanks to P2P technology and management systems like blockchain and Apex, everyone can participate in the previously "secretive" financial markets. One of the greatest examples of this has been the rally of alternative investments like cryptocurrencies and the famous Short Squeeze of Gamestop shares. All in all, this represents trillions in economic activity that are now accessible to the average person instead of just the multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Apex is headlining this adoption with the non-speculative, stakable erc-20 protocol - the A.F.T. (Apex Financial Token). This mechanism allows consumers to access some of the most lucrative global markets to generate aggressive yet safe gains on their cryptocurrency holdings.


Staking Contracts

Most Popular Blockchain based Staking Contracts.

It's time to begin!

Designed for conservative, low risk, low volume and short term stakes. Modeled after the Vanguard Level 1 & 2 funds in aggression and risk management.

  • Mandatory Stake Lockup: 90 Days
  • Last 90 Day Daily ROI: 0.66%
  • Gain Restrictions: None (Instant Withdrawal available)
  • Mechanisms deployed: Commodity and Cryptocurrency markets
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It's time to grow!

Designed for a balanced, mid-term stake. Modeled after Vanguard Monderate funds (Level 3).

  • Mandatory Stake Lockup: 180 Days
  • Last 90 Day Daily ROI: 0.74%
  • Gain Restrictions: None (Instant Withdrawal available)
  • Mechanisms deployed: Commodity, Crypto and Speculative markets

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It's time to fly!

Designed for a longer term, aggressive return. Modeled after diversified high return portfoliols like VTSAX.

  • Mandatory Stake Lockup: 360 Days
  • Last 90 Day Daily ROI: 0.89%
  • Gain Restrictions: None (Instant Withdrawal available)
  • Mechanisms deployed: Commodity, Crypto, Speculative, and high-velocity arb+ markets
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About the Apex Financial token (AFT)

Non speculative

VNo price fluctuations and no guesswork! AFT is stable with a value of $1 per token.


The most stable, well tested protocol for decentralized applications has been used to build and manage the AFT.

Stakable with variable lockups

Instead of forcing a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, Apex offers multiple staking options with varaible lockups and strategies.

Robust background infrastructure

With multiple background fund, trading, and market manager partnerships and a dedicated development & support team, Apex can support millions of active users.

Experienced, highly sophisticated team

With over 40 years of combined money management, trading and market watch experience and relationships, Apex is equipped to do what others can only hope to.

Diversified portfolio

Apex deploys multiple un-correlated asset packages to eliminate risk while realizing strong gains. Commodities, futures, high velocity trading, long-only trusts, and peer-to-peer speculative markets are just some of the modailities we use to create market defining performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I purchase AFT and start staking?

    AFT can be purchased via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and a host of other payment options that we are always improving.

  • No, staked tokens are always kept safe and are automatically unlocked after the staking period when they can be withdrawn.

  • AFT is not a speculative token. It is staked at a stable value fixed at 1 USD per token. This value does not fluctuate and is underwritten by Apex's liquidity.

  • This fluctuates depending on market performance and the specific staking contract in place. The details of each are available in the members area.

  • Apex deploys the same strategies and instruments that have been used by many of the top fund managers to increase capital. The first mechanism deployed is a debt instrument that keeps much of the capital safe and allows us to trade with SBLCs or LCs on a weighted LTV basis.

    On the other side, hedges are established via insurances (such as with Lloyds of London and Barclays). While there is no such thing as 'guaranteed', this structure provides enough hedges and protection to keep the core capital. The initial returns from this structure are relatively low, but quick and safe.

    These initial returns are then parlayed into managed trading where high velocity trades and hedged trading are combined with our commodities and futures contracts to produce a higher return. The staking rewards issued are directly proportional to the revenue generated by this second step. On good performance, the staking rewards are higher than on poorer performance. In turn, this is represented as the Apex token staking reward which is added to your account.

    There is a lot more complexity to this but for anyone in the finance background, the above should give a good idea of the kind of activities Apex undertakes. This is why we consider this platform to be the leader in bridging the gap between complex financial structures and simplified consumer use cases, all powered by the decentralized BlockChain!

  • Apex does NOT rely on 'long only' structures (like the one used by Greyscale Trust etc). Our beta test during 2020 confirmed this during up, down, and sideways market conditions where we outperformed both the crypto and traditional markets by a sizeable margin. 

  • Currently, Apex tokens may only be purchased from the official Apex website - TheApex.app. Upon achieving 100m tokens in active circulation, we will pursue token listing with major defi and non-defi exchanges. 

  • Apex tokens can be converted and withdrawn to a host of external wallets including btc, eth, ltc, etc. New options and payment methods are constantly being added as well.